DMV/ Driver’s License Hearings

In California, and in most parts of the United States, being able to drive is an absolute necessity, for work and in our private lives. The government views it, however, as a privilege that can be taken away at the discretion of a government bureaucrat. In California, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can take away a driver’s license, through a short hearing at one of their Driver Safety Offices.

Such hearings are often kangaroo courts whose actions, if known, would shock the sensibilities of most Americans. Most hearings are based entirely on hearsay documents, with conclusory findings that are not supported, and the truth of which has not been investigated by the DMV.

These hearings are presided over by DMV employees called “Hearing Officers”, who invariably have conflicts of interest, in that they act as both prosecutor and judge! Despite holding great power, these DMV employees have minimal legal training, provided by DMV itself. DMV reportedly keeps statistics on the hearing results as to each hearing officer, providing a motive to rule against drivers.

In addition, the vast majority of these hearing officers have little or no understanding of the law or rules of evidence. Some hearing officers even have poor command of English, barely speaking it as a second language! Many hearing officers run roughshod over drivers. It is vital to have an attorney who knows the rules and this area of law, which is one of our particular areas of expertise.

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