• DUI and other Driving-related Charges
_ Corporate Theft/Fraud
_ Counterfeit
_ Embezzlement
_ Forgery
_ Tax evasion
_ Armed Robbery
_ Assault & Battery
_ Burglary
_ Drug Offenses
_ Forgery
_ Guns and Weapons Violations
_ Homicide (Intentional Homicide, Reckless Homicide, Negligent
_ Indecent Exposure
_ Juvenile Delinquency Matters (including all types of Juvenile
_ Kidnapping
_ Larceny
_ Lewd Conduct
_ Murder
_ Rape/Sexual Assault
_ Shaken Baby Syndrome
_ Vehicular Manslaughter
_ Vehicle Code Offenses
_ Warrants
_ Hacking
_ Identity Theft
_ Programming Viruses
_ Simple Assault
_ Harassment/Disorderly Persons
_ Resisting Arrest/Hindering Apprehension
_ Theft
_ Three Strikes
_ Shoplifting
_ Solicitation
_ Securities Fraud
_ Criminal Appeals
_ Federal Crimes
_ Enterprise Corruption
_ Solicitation


Michael Brewer of The Brewer Law Firm is an experienced criminal defense attorney who will zealously fight for your legal rights. If you are falsely charged with a criminal offense you need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. If you are a law-abiding person and you are being investigated or charged with a crime, something that you never thought would happen, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. You don’t want some flashy media-seeking attorney who will get you into greater trouble. You want a former prosecutor, with equally impressive defense experience, who will quietly resolve your case if possible, investigate and help you prove your innocence, or mount a winning defense to clear your name.

8 years as a high-profile prosecutor in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.
7 years as a Public Defender in Los Angeles County, handling major cases.
Prosecutor of major cases in Los Angeles and Orange Counties
Gang Crimes
Crimes Against Judges and Public Officials

Only a single trial lost since 2001; hundreds of cases quickly and quietly resolved. Nearly perfect record as a trial prosecutor, with over 5 years without losing a single case. Amazing winning record as a public defender in Los Angeles County, with a 2-year winning streak as a public defender in Long Beach.

EXPERIENCE - the key to a successful result in any case:
8 years handling major crimes and media cases, including murder,
and for over 2 years prosecuted crimes committed against judges,
elected officials and celebrities.
Criminal defense lawyer [Mike Michael] Brewer is a former legal
instructor for most major California law enforcement agencies,
including the Los Angeles Police Department and the sheriff's
departments of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties. He
has also worked, consulted and trained with the FBI, US Secret
Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, US Department
of Justice, Organized Crime Strike Force, US Attorney's Office
and US Army JAG Corps.

PROVEN RESULTS - on both sides of the courtroom:
Mike Brewer has proven results on both sides of the counsel table -
8 years as a prosecutor handling major crimes and media cases,
and 8 years as a defense attorney, including experience with the
public defender in Los Angeles county, on cases ranging from DUI
to murder. Long Beach criminal defense lawyer Mike Brewer went
over 5 years with the best winning record of any prosecutor in Los
Angeles County, without losing a [spelling – single singele] case,
and over 2 years without losing a case as a criminal defense
attorney with the public defender in Los Angeles.Mike Brewer has
never lost a murder case, for either the prosecution or defense.

PERSONAL REPRESENTATION - at every hearing, on every
The Brewer Law Firm is small enough to give you personal
attention, yet big enough to handle every situation, no matter how
complex, working with other attorneys and larger firms where
necessary. California criminal defense attorney [Mike Michael M.]
Brewer personally leads the defense on every case, deals directly
with each client[insert comma] and makes all contested court
appearances. In the rare instance that Mr. Brewer cannot make a
court appearance due to scheduling conflicts, the Brewer Law Firm
uses fully-qualified and experienced attorneys who are also tops in
the field, and with whom Attorney Brewer has a professional
relationship based on experience and trust. [Mike Brewer never has
We never have] inexperienced associates represent you.

• Successful defense of a man who allegedly murdered his
brother-in-law by stabbing him in the back during a druginduced
haze, in what was called the Woodstock Murder Case.
• Successful defense of a Long Beach school bus driver falsely
charged with vehicular manslaughter and fleeing the scene of an
accident, after she ran over and killed the brother of a Long
Beach police lieutenant.
• Successful defense of a third-strike defendant in a case of
mistaken identity, who allegedly committed a take-over armed
robbery of a business, even though being found driving the
getaway car, with the gun and stolen property inside, made him
at first appear guilty

Serving Southern California throughout Los Angeles & Orange County, in communities such as Long Beach, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Culver City, Santa Monica, Inglewood, Torrance, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, Compton, Norwalk, Downey, Bellflower, Whittier, Westminster, Fullerton, Orange, Santa Ana, Laguna Niguel and Airport – LAX.