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Check out the online articles below, two of which stated, "O'Neal's legal powerhouse team of Richard Pintal and Michael Brewer convinced Judge Keith Schwartz this morning that Redmond should go back to rehab, and not jail" and "Brewer did not disclose the drug treatment facility O'Neal will enter, but one thing's for sure: It won't be a place where the Malibu kid will be coddled. Said the legal eagle: 'It's geared toward dealing with all the issues, from psychological to drug addiction and getting your life back on track'."

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OJ Simpson's Current Legal Problems

Well, here we go. O.J. Simpson, again! Things are already shaping up to be a repeat of the infamous murder trial in L.A. Could there be a glitzier locale? Yes, it’s in Vegas! The usual suspects have come from out of the woodwork – Marcia Clark, Mark Fuhrman, Kato. There are new characters, in the form of O.J.’s gang that couldn’t shoot straight. And then there are the media hound attorneys, interested in getting their mugs on television, even if it is not in the best interest of their client. You also have the camera-loving judges, the ever-so-rigid prosecutors, and the keystone cops.

The prosecutors have already made their first mistakes. They have greatly overcharged a simple case, throwing in the kitchen sink, and giving ammunition to the defense to use in front of a disbelieving jury who may not see this as the crime of the century. The case is about a third-rate effort to recover property that may rightfully belong to O.J. and his family. Prosecutors typically over-charge cases such as this, which often turn out to be little more than heated squabbles between two moronic camps.

The alleged “victims” may turn out to be a group of characters as unsavory as the apple dumpling gang that accompanied O.J. One of the victims has already been arrested himself, and is sitting in jail, while O.J. has already bailed out and is back home in Florida. The cops are sure to make mistakes in this case, as will the prosecutors, who are likely to go too far in their desire to nail the one that got away. Cops often get caught helping the evidence, planting items or stretching the truth to nail people that they believe to be “good for it”, paradoxically letting the suspects get away with it.

The evidence at this point, in the form of an audiotape, looks bleak for the Juice. He is heard ordering his accomplices to keep people from leaving, seemingly nailing him for False Imprisonment. It could also be Kidnapping, as is charged. People commonly think of the classic kidnapping, where the bad guy takes the victim and demands ransom. A kidnapping can occur, however, within a single room. Ransom is not needed, but is a particular form of kidnapping, called Kidnapping for Ransom. The key to kidnapping of whatever form is movement of the victim, and whether the movement is sufficient to increase the danger to the victim.

The big key in the case overall may be the use of a weapon, in this case the use of a firearm. If O.J. knew that a firearm or force was to be used, and he conspired to use it, whether he personally used it or not, things will be bleak for him. If, however, the evidence fails to prove that he knew beforehand that a firearm would be used, then the government may be left with nothing more than a situation where he went to get his rightful property.

A conspiracy is an agreement between parties to commit a crime. The law punishes a person for conspiracy, the same as for the completed crime, the same as the completed crime itself. The reasoning behind this is that conspiracies pose special dangers to the public. In a conspiracy, the crime need not be completed. A party may be guilty simply by agreeing to the conspiracy, if one of the conspirators then commits an overt act in the furtherance of its commission, even though the actual crime may be never committed.

There is no claim of right to a robbery, kidnapping, or most other crimes involved other than theft. Even if the property rightfully belongs to a person, they cannot use force to take it back, due to the danger posed to persons and property.

People often incorrectly identify the different crimes associated with theft. A robbery is the taking of property, in the possession of another, by force or fear. There need not be a weapon, but the crime may simply involve the taking of the property through the use of a threat, of the use of bodily force. In fact, a petty theft often becomes a robbery when the party who takes property during a shoplift, uses force to make the getaway from a security guard or other would-be arrestor. A theft is the taking of property of another. A burglary is the entry of a building or room with the intent to commit a theft, of whatever value, or some felony.

There are many possibilities and variations, both factually and legally. You can be sure that characters will come from out of the woodwork in this case, and that we will be subjected to the drama for many months to come. There will likely be many twists and turns. Stay tuned.

Lindsey Lohan and the Law

Lindsey Lohan was arrested for cocaine and DUI. Among other indiscretions, Lindsey Lohan was arrested for driving under the influence in May of 2007. She subsequently checked into a private substance abuse treatment facility to receive treatment for her substance abuse problems. After the DUI in May 2007 Lindsey Lohan relapsed and was arrested in July 2007 for another DUI and driving on a suspended license. She was also charged with Cocaine possession when cocaine was found in one of her pockets. Possession of Cocaine is a felony in the State of California.

Phil Spector and the Murder of Lana Clarkson

In February 2003, Phil Spector was arrested on the suspicion of murder of B movie-actress Lana Clarkson. Clarkson was found dead at the Alhambra Mansion of Phil Spector. Clarkson was discovered shot to death when the police responded to a 911 phone call from Spector's limo driver.  In November 2003, Phil Spector was indicted for the murder of Lana Clarkson. He was charged with second-degree murder. If convicted, Spector could receive a 15-year-to-life sentence plus an additional ten years added automatically since the crime involved a gun.

The trial began in March 2007 and still continues into September 2007. During this time Phil Spector has gone through numerous hair doos and attorneys since the trial began. Insert your opinion. Discuss legal complexities of the case and relevant facts, complexity of jury selection, bail, length of trial, numerous attorneys, etc.  

Phil Spector's trial ends in a mistrial. Will the prosecutor refile?  

Paris Hilton and Jail

Paris Hilton goes to jail for driving on a suspended license. Did Paris get special considerations as a celebrity in jail?