Senior Citizens

In California, whether it be Orange County or Los Angeles County, or across America, our population is getting older. Medical science and healthier lifestyles are keeping people alive longer, with a better quality of life for a longer period of time. At some point, however, some seniors may no longer be able to drive safely. On the other hand, for most seniors, possession of a driver’s license and the ability to drive is an issue of personal pride and freedom. Many seniors who no longer drive, and have no intention to do so, still want to keep their license. If a senior citizen is still capable of driving safely, they have every right to do so.

As a consequence of the aging of our population in California, driver’s licenses for seniors is becoming an issue. In fact, it is now the subject of the greatest number of hearings at the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Driver’s Safety Offices. Senior citizens can find themselves in danger of losing their California Driver’s License for many reasons, including the inability to pass a driver’s test, a deterioration in physical or mental condition, the use of medication that affects driving, a traffic accident or other driving incident, and an accumulation of traffic tickets or violations.

The Brewer Law Firm does not encourage anyone to drive if they are incapable of doing so safely. If, however, you are a senior who is facing a license suspension that you feel is unjust, we can help. We have expertise in senior license hearings and experience with the California Department of Motor Vehicles in Orange and Los Angeles counties, and throughout Southern California. We can work with you within the rules of the Department of Motor Vehicles to save your California driver’s license, or to have it returned.

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